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Fat Loss Review

Hi guys.... I found this lovely Inspiration♥,  when I go trough Blogwalking
Happy New Year  ..... anyway :D
Ok , let see what I've Got .....
I'm Totally sick being "Yoyo" weight, you know when your weight is up and down yup its lil bit hard to keep your weight of normal right? at least you really wanna be a Skinny Bitch ....
but I think I will die if I'm going to be "Vegan"

cause you know I'm Meat Lovers lol

Well this is a real tips without too much weird thing , yup " Normal " way to do everyday to keep your away from gaining weight 

  1. Stress makes losing weight very difficult. This step is about mind over matter and what can be done about this.
  2. Proper portions and how to have more control over the amount of food you eat during mealtime.
  3. Simple, 3 recipes that solve the carbohydrate dilemma and quench the cravings.
  4. Overcoming a spouse that isn’t very supportive of the program you are following.
  5. Techniques to stop eating at night time, when you shouldn’t be munching.
  6. Little known additives in food that are making you fat without you knowing it.
  7. How to avoid desktop snacking with easy steps.
  8. Move your ass at least 30 minutes everyday 
They are 3 basic principles that have been successful over and over again. Here they are.
  1. Avoid white food. This includes white breads, pastas, many cereal products, and even cracker-type snacks. Think about some other white things too like flour, potato products, rice, and even processed milk and cheese products. Some white foods that are OK for you to eat are cauliflowers, fish, and chicken.
  2. Ditch the sodas and other drinks that have calories, sugar, or even artificial sweeteners. I don’t want you to drink much coffee either. Creamer? No. It’s white, isn’t it? I want you to take in at least half the weight of your body in ounces of water. This means that if you weigh 250 pounds, you should be consuming 125 ounces of water every day. This will be essential for getting the fat loss process in gear.
  3. I’ve already taken you off white products, now you need to do away with wheat products. I don’t care if the package says whole wheat on it or not: it has to go. Check the ingredients of everything you’re eating and if it has wheat in it, don’t eat it.
These rules are pretty easy to follow, aren’t they? Sure, you’ll have to adjust your habits a little bit, but it really won’t be very hard once you get started. If you consistently adhere to these hints, you will be surprised at the progress you make in just a couple weeks

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